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From 2018 to 2021, the Diva Group Company is successfully developing distribution New products in 2021: - DGTAPE MATT STRONG is a fabric adhesive tape with a matte surface, increased abrasion resistance and increased adhesion. - Professional Backup power source for the home, villas, how and film industry: "NAP BATTERY" The @MATT STRONG series is a durable tape specially designed for professional use. 145 mesh (density of fabric threads) allows you to keep the adhesive composition on the tape itself (natural rubber resistant to the UV spectrum (work in the sun). Available colors: black, white, gray, red, blue, green. Gaffer tape @ultraMATT is a fabric tape, also suitable for professional use. A more matte surface - but less dense 73-76 mesh fabric and a thinner adhesive layer (natural rubber). For short-term work, suitable for indoor work. Represented fluorescent colors: pink, orange, yellow, green. The base color is black. Gaffer tape @trueGAFF-dense fabric tape 120 mesh-make this tape one of the most popular for color coding and marking scenes and equipment. Represented fluorescent colors: pink, orange, yellow, blue, green. The base color is black. New in 2021-the color PURPLE FLOUR. - 2022 - New models of plastic impact-resistant cases DGCASE A wide range of cases that are ideal for the basic needs of professionals (laptops, consoles, switching, walkie-talkies, diboxes, buttonholes and ear monitors, radio microphones, etc.) - DG Cloud service "TOTAL SHAPES" - professional instruments for the design and express manufacture of individual foam inside the case.
  • Accessories general
  • Conference and communication technology
  • Lighting technology
  • Professional Audio equipment
  • Projection and display technology
  • Specific accessories for lighting and stage technology
  • Stage technology and truss systems


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