Russian Federation
Pav. 1, 1C04
Brand OKNO-AUDIO was established in the Russian market of Pro audio distribution and installation in 2012. A unique bundle of brands, competent price policy, responsible approach, experienced management and highly qualified stuff made it possible for OKNO-AUDIO to realize a number of significant projects: studios at the Mosfilm concern, Channel One Russia, VGTRK, NTV, TV Zvezda, Russia Today; to design and deliver unique integrated solutions for the Bolshoi Theatre, Satire Theatre, Sovremennik Theatre, 7 Stadiums of FIFA2018; to build up the widest distribution network. OKNO-AUDIO’s meteoric success attracted attention of the leading Pro audio equipment manufacturers - HARMAN, Music Tribe, other undisputed authorities in the audio market, and today OKNO-AUDIO is entrusted to represent their products in the Russian market. OKNO-AUDIO offers its customers a wide range of Pro audio products, delivered to the country without intermediaries, seminars and trainings, full informational and service support.
  • Professional audio equipment
  • Sound-recording, audio/video, software
  • Sound recording
  • Accessories general
  • Conference and communication technology
  • Professional Audio equipment
  • Software
  • Professional sound equipment, amplification, linearrays


Russian Federation, 107076, Moscow, Elektrozavodskaya St, 29, bld. 1

Phone: +7(499)754-99-76